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As the Information Technology Specialist at SelfEd Initiative, one of the major tasks I had was to build a website and provide a sustainable and long term solution for an online presence for the non-profit organization.

The website was built over the course of a few months and worked on solely on development aspects. The website is built on a scaleable platform and was built with cost effectiveness, feasibility, and sustainability in mind due to the nature of the organization and it’s values.

The website was built on a WordPress installation on a scaled hosted platform. It was imperative for the organization to have a blogging platform, therefore WordPress was a safe solution to offer all the features necessary to the organization. The website also features a secure dashboard for specialized users to access valuable and confidential content without allowing access to non-authorized visitors to the website.

Special Content Dashboard
Within the website, there is a specialized portal which allows users with the appropriate privileges to access resources specific to the organizations goal. The creation of this portal involved deep integration with PHP as WordPress lacks native functionality to restrict content access. Utilizing the existing authentication and user management platform on WordPress, I created a specialized plugin to display content only when the proper privileges are granted to a user.

The organization required a blog to publish their activities and progress while wokring on their projects. This warranted the use of WordPress to offer a simple blogging platform easily accessible to the organization leaders to draft and publish blogs with ease. WordPress was superior than other options such as Jekyll.

Supporting Resources
If you are interested in seeing the website in action, please visit below: