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While working at MVRT, I initiated a website redesign project to prompt the organization to rebuild the old, deprecated and disorganized website. The new website features a fresh look and a new intuitive design to overview the organization’s history. This project was not just an revamp of the website, but also the mailing system, creating an effectively free email system for the organization.

The website was built over the course of a few months single-handedly and experienced a number of revisions. The website was built from the ground up and is a completely static site to minimize costs for the organization as compared to the previous website hosted on a large-scale shared hosting service which was costing the organization hundreds of dollars a year. The new website now costs the organization less than $10 a year (for domain).

The website was built using HTML/CSS and copious amounts of Javascript to create elements which display the organizations history and information in a neat and compact manner. The new site experienced multiple revisions, such as adding or removing elements to make the site lighter and more efficient. The website was later reviewed by the president of the organization and changes were made to adjust the sitemap and sizing of components in its final stages.

Email Service
The hosting of the website was migrated to a static site host which allowed the organization to save hundreds of dollars a year. However, the downfall of utilizing a static host, we lost the ability to have email hosting within the same server. Therefore, with the use of Mailgun, I created the proper MX records to route the emails sent to the domain to Mailgun. Mailgun then based on the script provided, reroutes the emails to specific mailboxes on Gmail. Mailgun also acts as the outgoing SMTP server for mails from the organization. Gmail uses the SMTP credentials created on Mailgun to send emails using the mvrt.com domain rather than Gmail. This solution provides easy-to-use email hosting on Gmail without purchasing Google Apps and reap the benefits of using a custom domain to send and receive email.

Supporting Resources
If you are interested in seeing the website in action, please visit below: